Right now, the car is a pile. I bought it for $1500 and will be pulling the motor out soon and having it painted Imperial blue, similar to Mopar blue but metallic.

DSM: A Imperial Blue 1991 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
Mods: Coming soon... JDM motor and tranny, 3" downpipe w/ 3" Apex-i catback(RRE), 660 intectors(RRE), manual boost controller(RRE), Auto Meter boost, EGT, oil, fuel, & temp guages(RRE), SAFC from my buddy Corey, 2G MAS, typical BOV dump tube mod, NGK wires(RRE), Kenwood CD deck, Pioneer sound all around, 300 ZX wheels powder-coated white, etc. etc. etc.
Vehicles: '94 Splash I'm trying to sell.
Andy Jondreau uses the nickname TurboDrew on irc
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