To post messages to the group, please use the mailing list

Once you subscribe, you can read the messages on the yahoogroups website, or have them sent to your email address as a daily digest or a live feed.

There is also a web board for the group as well which is located at

  • Take any off topic discussion off the main list (i.e reply directly to the poster, and relevant parties). Anything that isn't related to DSMs (repair, race events, get togethers, etc.) is off topic.
  • If the thread of conversation changes, please change the subject line appropriately. Never post messages with no subject. If for some reason you must post something off topic, put (OT) before the subject.
  • When replying to a message, always delete old copies of messages in the thread (people read this list as a digest!), and always delete any ads and signatures from the messages. If you are replying to a specific line in the previous message, it is okay to quote specific portions, just not the whole thing, nor several complete previous messages. (Use common sense.)
  • Use correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization and grammar. Don't use excessive expletives.
  • Use the members list to find people's email addresses, instead of sending a message to the list saying "Michael Knight, please call/email me".
  • No spam (unsolicited advertising). If you abuse this, you will be removed.
  • Just remember, a hundred people may be reading your email, don't write anything you wouldn't want to read if you were in their shoes, or don't make yourself look stupid.

Alternatively, many of the members use instant messengers or irc regularly, please look at the members database for information on how to contact people this way.

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