Just your basic Eclipse 1.8L not that quick machine. Hopeing to find a used 4G63 engine to put in it. The car has 166k on it, runs great, frame in great shape cause its from Texas and is only a couple years old to the MN area. Needs a paint job or buff job to get the crusty clear coat off the top, hood and trunk. otherwise its a cool color. I have a nice system in it, now it needs some real power, if you know of anyone selling a 2L Turbo (4G63) plez e-mail me

DSM: A red 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS
Mods: Stereo:Rockford 8220 CD Player, 1000 Watt Audio Legacy Amp, 300 Watt Jensen Amp, 2 12" Pyle Drivers, 2 6 1/2" Infinity references.
Mike Kreiner's AOL Instant Messenger screen name is Bomb Massa
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