well, its very loud, sometimes.. well actually always it breaks when i go too fast, ..i wouldnt say its NOT reliable, ..PERsay. its more that i dont .."EXPECT" it to start "EVERY" time, what do you think it is, a FORD?
ha, NO. its not. its been good to me for the most part, accept those times when it didnt start, and that one time it exploded, but i dont ask the world from it, its just a dsm. for a dsm id say its pretty good.

DSM: A Red 1992 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
Mods: in progress-> PTE 20G (like 46trim or somthing),660s & 255hp pump, 2G manifold, 2G O2 housing, 3" BR turbo-back, BR street FMIC, GM MAF-T (blow-through), Magnacor wires, 7ES plugs, Autometer boost/egt gauges, Dejon Tool cold air intake, ClutchMasters 2500, gotta buy a AFC somewhere now, awesome decals from every product ever installed on the car including one big white "eagle" sticker that covers my entire rear window, orderd the sheetmetal wing but it hasnt come yet; hoping it will add some much needed drag to my rear end, ultra bright purple headlights and neon under-body lights are also on the way.
Vehicles: '92 huffy 12 speed. does not shift properly.
Blake Haunsperger's AOL Instant Messenger screen name is blakehaunsperger
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