I am 22 years old. I work at Metro photo & Frames. Right in Wayzata, MN. Its across the street from Holiday gas Station and next to KFC. If you need film developing contact me. And I'll get you a decent price.

DSM: A Teal 1992 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
Mods: K&N Air Filter and Valve cover breather with Catchcan
3" Custom Intake
2" Custom Upper Intercooler piping
Magnecor 8.5 spark plug wires.
NGK BPR7ES Stage 1 colder plugs
2.5 Cat back exhuast with hiflow muffler 4" tip
Manual Boost Controler @ 15psi
AutoMeter A/F ratio Gauge and Boost gauge.
Pioneer DEH - 43 deck CD player
HK$ Turbo Timer Type 1
'94 AWD Brakes
'94 Tranny
'95 Exhuast Manifold
Vehicles: 1987 Chevy Berretta.
It runs. And its my beater car.
Josh LaCroix's AOL Instant Messenger screen name is Dark Melt
Josh LaCroix uses the nickname EvilTalonTSiAWD on irc
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