Many members from the mn-dsm group are planning to caravan to the Shootout in Norwalk, OH.

The dates are July Fri 20th to Sun 22nd. Friday is the DSM/3S dragracing, Saturday is the AutoX/Car Show, Sunday is the Summit Import Nationals Dragrace/Car Show.

We are leaving the cities by 6:00am on Thursday morning, do not be late, try to meet at 5:30am. We will meet at the Champps in Woodbury, which is about 1/4 mi. south of 494 on Radio Drive. Hotel rooms are needed for Thurs, Fri & Sat nights, and we will return on Sunday (don't forget to bring your confirmation number!). We will be driving out I-94 to I-90, through Chicago, and then out I-80 to Norwalk. We plan to visit Cedar Point on Thursday evening.

The Econolodge in Norwalk is where most the DSM people stay, but it is already booked up full with DSMs. The Best Western is right by it. We stayed at the Super 8 last year. Its not bad, but its about 5 miles up the road from Norwalk.

So far I know these people have roommates, let me know if you have a room booked, or are looking for a roommate:

  • Bryan Nelson and Dave McNeil @ Super 8
  • Nathan Hedler, Dan Johnson and Dean Massey @ Econolodge
  • Scott Jann and Damon Anderson @ Econolodge
  • Shane Ziegler and Mara Byrne @ Best Western
  • Steve Hill and Mark Cook @ Best Western

If you plan to be in the caravan, you should get a personal FRS radio to stay in touch with everybody. Try to get one with 14 channels, places like Radio Shack, Best Buy and Circuit City carry them for fairly cheap. Often there are many people using them, so the 14 standard channels are all used, if possible, get one with sub-channels, which gives you a huge number of channels to use.

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